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Entry Form for the Heartland Limousin Association Regional Show.

Minnesota News
[ Sept./Oct. 2017 ]

The purpose of the Minnesota Limousin Association is promote the use of the Limousin
breed in Minnesota's Beef Industry. The Association in open to those interested in the
breed regardless of herd size.

Our members believe that the future of the Limousin breed is bright. Limousin genetics
are the perfect fit for crossbreeding with British breed based cowherds. The result is improved muscling and reduced fat.

If you would like information about the use of Limousin genetics, or would like to join
the organization, contact association president Roger Wagner (320-355-2622) or secretary/treasurer Mark and Sharilyn Willette (605-695-5344) .

The Minnesota Limousin Association is an active member of both the Heartland
Limousin Association and the North American Limousin Foundation.
www.nalf.org Phone: 303-220-1693

Youth Advisors: 
Jon and Lori Moser, Morris, MN 
Contact: 320-589-1187

Casey and Kelly Fanta   Starbuck, MN
Contact: 320-288-6128

For more information about the Heartland Limousin Association,
contact Dean Summerbell: 763-434-2891 or bsummerb@ties2.net

25 Years Member Award
Mark & Deb Dummer • Breezy Point Limousin
  2012 National Western Stock Show
Wulf Limousin - Morris, MN
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